Pooch Park Rules

Pooch Park Rules

  •        All dogs must be Pooch Park members.
  •        Park open dawn to dusk.
  •        3 dogs maximum, per member, at one time.


  •        Leash dogs until safely inside park and leash prior to exiting.
  •        Ensure each gate closes behind you.
  •        Dogs must wear a flat buckle collar. (Break-aways are safest. No prong, spike, choke or pinch collars.)


  •        Dogs must be 4 months or older.
  •        Current rabies, Distemper-parvo, Bordetella vaccines required.
  •        Healthy dogs only.
  •        Spaying and neutering is strongly recommended for safety reasons.
  •        Female dogs in heat are NOT allowed.
  •        Bites must be reported to Animal Control at (910) 947-2858.
  •        Dogs with a history of fighting/biting are prohibited.

Owner Responsibilities:

  •        Humans must wear shoes
  •        Dogs must be supervised at all times by their owners.
  •        If your dog digs, fill in the holes.
  •        Owners are responsible for any injury or damage caused by their dog/dogs.
  •        If inappropriate behavior is observed, take immediate action.
  1. Move your dog to another part of the park.
  2. Give your dog a time out.
  3. Leave the park. (Owners should have a leash with you all times so you can remove your dog promptly.)

These are “No-No’s!”

  •        No food (dog or human), no smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, no weapons.
  •        No bikes, strollers, wagons, roller blades, coolers, or children’s toys.


  •        Adult must accompany children under 16. Children under 12 not allowed in park
  •        Children must be strictly supervised.
  •        Warning: Children can easily be run over by dogs that are running.
  •        Small Children should be kept within arm’s reach of adult.
  •        Children are to behave in an adult-like manner:
  1. Quiet voices, standing, walking, no chasing dogs.
  2. Petting of dogs with owner permission only.
  3. This is a dog park. It is not a children’s playground.

Thank you for keeping our Pooch Park safe and clean for Moore animals to enjoy!