To The Most Compassionate Animal Lovers

These dogs and cats need you.

Pets Needing Extra Care

Some of our rescues come to us in horrible conditions. They are often near death, suffering or have experienced severe trauma. We love and nurture these precious animals back to health. When these animals need a foster home, they require an extra dose of care. They often need more attention and a patient foster parent who is going to keep loving them back to their optimal wellness.

Could YOU be their compassionate foster parent?

Inside extra love, here are the adoptable extra love animals:

Meet Bonnie:

Bonnie was abandoned at our shelter on 10-19-23. We noticed that she was limping on her left hind leg.  Veterinary examination and x-rays revealed that her leg had been broken and was beyond repair.  Bonnie would need to have her leg amputated.  An estimate by our vet for surgery is approximately $800.00.   Bonnie is scheduled for surgery on November 16th.   If caring individuals would like to contribute to Bonnie‚Äôs surgery and care, please visit our website at or mail to Moore Humane Society, P.O. Box 203, Southern Pines, NC  28388.  Donations are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your kindness and compassion!