Some of our rescues come to us in horrible conditions. They are often near death, suffering or have experienced severe trauma. We love and nurture these precious animals back to health. When these animals need a foster home, they require an extra dose of care. They often need more attention and a patient foster parent who is going to keep loving them back to their optimal wellness.

Could YOU be their compassionate foster parent? Could YOU be the person that cares for them at our shelter? Could YOU be the volunteer that nurses them back to health?

**UPDATE 7/8/19: Temporarily, we cannot accept new volunteers at this time while we are restructuring our Volunteer Program. Stay tuned for updates!

  • Shelter Volunteer

    The shelter is always in need of volunteers to spend time with our shelter animals as they wait to be adopted into a forever home.

  • Dog Lovers

    Dog lovers are needed to walk, play with and spend time with our shelter dogs. This provides much needed stimulation and socialization for the dog. Your time is important to the dog’s mental and physical well-being and often helps the dog get adopted more quickly. Volunteers may also assist in the bathing of our dogs and puppies. You do not need to be a professional dog groomer to help!

  • Cat Lovers

    Cat lovers are always welcome to cuddle, hold and brush our cats, as well as helping our staff keep the cat rooms clean. Many cats also thrive with human socialization, especially our more timid, shy cats who will have a better chance of being adopted sooner if they are socialized and comfortable with different people. Volunteers can use the feather wands or other toys in the cat and kitten rooms to interact with our felines and provide them with necessary physical and mental stimulation.

  • Foster Home Care

    Pets requiring special attention need special people to care for them in their homes until ready for adoption. We always have orphaned kittens, mother cats with kittens and shy dogs that need a loving foster home.

  • Special Events Volunteer

    Share your time and talent to help make one of Moore Humane Society’s events a success!

  • Office Volunteer

    Volunteers are needed to help with mailings, fundraising efforts and other various office duties.

  • The Feral Cat Program

    Moore Humane Society Founded the first Trap, Neuter & Release program for feral cats in Moore County because it is the most humane and effective way of reducing feral cat populations. Socialization and adoption of feral kittens is an important part of a successful TNR Program. Please contact Moore Humane Society for more information about our Feral Cat Program at 910-947-2631.